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Creator David Gray speaks briefly about the Savior System
Time: 1:01
Woman about to serve husband restraining order.
Time: 0:10
Woman going on date leaves a message to friends
Time: 0:14
Woman about to serve husband divorce papers
Time: 0:35

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Getting Divorced?
Are you going through a bad divorce due to infidelity, being abused or a victim of domestic violence? Do you have a psycho ex? Problems with your soon-to-be ex husband or ex wife?
Are you a victim of infidelity? Do you have a cheating spouse? Is your husband cheating? Is your wife cheating? Suspect an extra marital affair or emotional affair?
Being Bullied?
Is your child being bullied? Victim of cyber bullying? Having issues of being bullied on Facebook? Are you being bullied at work or at school?
Stalking Victim?
Are you or someone you know being stalked? Are you being cyber stalked or stalked on Facebook? Do you know a stalking victim?
Victim of Domestic Abuse?
Are you or someone you know a victim of domestic abuse or domestic violence? Are you being mentally abused or physically abused? Are you constantly making excuses?
Whistle Blower?
Are you a whistle blower for a white collar crime? Are you a key witness to a crime? Are you a disgruntled worker? See something you wish you didn't see?
Dating or Dating Online?
Constantly meeting new people? Are you dating online? Are you in to the online dating scene? Do you use dating websites? Meeting people from Facebook?
Got Secrets?
Are you keeping secrets? Skeletons in the closet? Hiding secrets from your friends or family? Dirty laundry? Know of some classified information?

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